September 27, 2014

Why Boutiques?

In a time when fashion is becoming a part of one’s identity rather than luxury, we find people very conscious of what they wear and how they look. Everyone is trying to discover or create their own unique style which becomes difficult to do with the common, repetitive designs produced and marketed on a massive scale by all the popular apparel brands.

That is why the boutique culture is fast catching up with today’s style conscious customer. But what is it that small, specialized stores have to offer that the large mega-retails stores don’t? Read on.

PASSIONIt’s not so much of a fashion frenzy but an intense passion for designs and patterns that best complement the buyer’s body and personality which drives the designers to pay attention to the minutest details of their creations.

EXCLUSIVITYUnlike brands, boutiques cater to only niche markets which helps them retain their exclusivity. Every fold and every stitch resonates with the personal touch of the designer’s vision of the attire that will help its wearer look her/his best.

BUDGETWhile haute couture is basically elite fashion that lies out-of-bounds for many, local boutiques have brought it well within our budgetary limits with numerous sales, discount offers and prices ranging from modest to expensive-but-still-affordable.

Today’s trend-savvy people, while wanting the best deal for their bucks, are not willing to compromise on quality. The greatest USP of boutiques is their personal attention to every customer and creation, coupled with the diversity of their unique designs.

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Contributor: Nikkita Madan

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