September 02, 2014

Style Hacks: Know Your Curves

Your body shape is all about proportions and the key to dressing well is to make sure these proportions go well together. When we think of body shape, we often tend to think of the person's height or weight which, when you come to think of it, doesn't have much to do with the shape at all. For example, a short girl could be just as curvy as her taller friend!

Though each of us has a completely unique body, they can be categorized into basic sections according to the proportions of the upper and the lower half. Although these categories are pretty much well-defined, your actual body shape can fall under one or more than one. Once you are familiar with your lines and curves, dressing up becomes so much easier because then, you know which clothes accentuate your shape and which awkwardly hang from your frame. Here are a few handy style hacks to dress your best according to your body type!


The Ruler

You're shaped more or less like a rectangle. The width of your shoulders is comparable to that of your waist and hip. You have long, gorgeous limbs and not much that you need to hide. The only goal while dressing up is to create curves. People with this body shape have the ability to carry off just about any 'over the top' fashion trend - ruffles, sequins, loud prints, you can wear them all without looking gaudy! Just try to steer clear of clothes that overwhelm your figure and do not give it any shape.

The Pear


This means that your upper body is more slender compared to your lower half. Having a thin waste might tempt you to wear body hugging clothes but do resist! Such outfits only makes your bottom half look heavier. Instead, opt for layering, as this will balance out your look well. Wear pants in darker shades or dresses that are flow-y to give the illusion of an evenly- proportioned body.

The Apple:


Your body has a general round shape, most of your weight accumulates above your narrow hips. Your shoulders, chest and ribs are broad. Usually, people of this body shape have killer legs, so make sure you highlight them. Try and create a longer frame. Go for clothes that lengthen your torso, like a V neck, and wear a belt at the thinnest part of your waist. You can also go for a monochromatic look to keep your outfit streamlined. Remember that your body looks best in structured clothes and heels!

The Hourglass


This is the most sought- after body shape, for sure. Your shoulder and hips are in similar proportion, contrasted by a tiny waist. Although almost everything you wear will suit you, it is quite easy to go overboard. Make sure you avoid clothes that are too fussy. Opt instead, for a clean, simple and chic look. Try wrap dresses and knee- length skirts. 3/4th sleeves with boat necks will also make you look fabulous!

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