August 08, 2014

What is Crostitch?

Over the past decade or so, India has changed drastically. Our generation has been the lucky one to experience these firsthand, we're also the ones to have gained the most from these changes, be it technological advancements or socio-cultural transitions. One of the most marked change over the last couple of years has been the focus given to e-commerce, e- retailing, or basically any form of business done online. From being a risky investment to being the most sort after form of startup for young entrepreneurs in any field, internet business have come a long way.

Crostitch is one such initiative. Not only is it in tune with the latest trend of being easily accessible to everyone online, it is also a stepping stone towards bringing one of the few industries that haven't quite found their foothold online yet. I'm talking about the design and boutique industry, an ever- flourishing area with a wide base of talent and creativity. In a time where customized and  personalized items are valued so greatly, it's almost strange to think there isn't a one stop shop for anyone who wants to locate a boutique to match their needs. Well, now there is. Crostitch is a site that acts as a search portal for designers and boutiques from Delhi NCR, it aims to provide a comprehensive database to all present and prospective customers and at the same time, introduce a whole new age market to the existing boutiques.

Often when in need of a special outfit, we visit stores located close by or ask our friends and family for recommendations,or even venture into crowded markets to look for that perfect dress. Crostitch makes the whole process much easier and quicker, and perhaps even more satisfying. Boutique profiles are constantly updated with the latest collections and prices, and one needn't visit each store separately. Now you can sit at home, view each boutique's online profile, read testimonials by satisfied customers, even give reviews and ratings of your own! It's a revolution in the fashion industry, make sure you don't miss out!

-Vani Vivek

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