July 30, 2014

Like a Glove

Just the other day, I was out doing some emergency shopping for a friend's birthday party. As I tried on one dress after the other, I realized that I was too big for size S and too thin for M.

Every outfit seemed to either stretch at it's hems or hang loosely, neither of which is particularly attractive. Even with those that fit alright, some were too short or the arm holes a bit too tight. Of course I had the option of getting it altered, but I've noticed the outfit kind of loses it's sheen once it tampered with. I ended up going to the party wearing a top I already have 2 Facebook DPs in! Disgraceful, right? (I'm kidding, by all means wear your favorite clothes as much as possible!) But anyway, I realized I was in this awkward phase where standardized sizes didn't make me feel like I was looking my absolute best.

Borrowing clothes from a fashionable friend or sibling is a great way to keep stylish on a budget, but for some occasions you need to feel like you own the dress instead of feeling like you owe the dress to someone.

As I sat sulking about not being shaped like a mannequin, it struck me that I didn't need to feel ashamed of not having a perfectly proportioned body. That I didn't need to have the approval of branded factory made dress to feel good about myself. So I set out to investigate (stalk) some of my most stylish friends' profiles. After hours of careful inspection (stalking), I discovered that almost everyone with a style to die for got their clothes stitched to fit them, rather than trying to fit into clothes that weren't stitched with one single person in mind.

After asking around and a few trips to Shahpur Jat in this sultry weather, I've narrowed down on a boutique to get my first tailored dress stitched from. However, now you don't need to make the unnecessary trips! Crostitch.in is an online portal of boutiques in Delhi NCR that will tell you all about the designers close to your location. Head over right now, the perfectly fitting dress awaits!


Contributor: Vani Vivek

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